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Laura Marie: I am unrelentingly pro-life, and plan to devote my future to abolishing abortion in our nation, and making it unthinkable. . . more

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From: Timmerie's blog -- Posted December 20, 2011

Counseling Pregnant Women in Cyberspace
Laura Peredo

Sometimes it feels like the world is going in a fast-forward mode. We're all so busy, it's hard as a pro-lifer to find the time to get out and help save lives. We all want to be there for the mothers and babies in need, but with only 24 hours in a day, it just doesn't happen as often as we'd like. Don't be discouraged! I've got good news for you! You can help save lives with just a few minutes of your time.

Many people call abortion clinics the front-line of the battle between life and death - the last place you can reach out to a woman and help her choose life for herself and her baby. If you don't have the time to go outside an abortion clinic, here's an idea: go behind the scenes. Instead of fighting on the front-lines, go into the back ground and reach out to abortion-bound women before they even get to the clinic.

How can you do that? It's quite simple!

Recently I was reminded at the International Pro-Life Youth Conference to be where the people are at. Where are these mothers before they go to the clinics? Many of them are online. They post questions on Yahoo Answers, and comment on YouTube with their stories. These women who desperately need to hear the message of hope and love pour out their hearts online, and we need to be there for them.

I recently started going online to places like Yahoo Answers and YouTube, and have found so many mothers who are just waiting for someone to reach out to them. We can save lives by reaching out to women before they even get to the clinic. All it takes is a few minutes each day.

Most of my work has been on Yahoo Answers. I like going there best because I can easily search for questions with the keyword "abortion", and then narrow my search for recent questions. Once I find a question to answer, I answer it with facts and make sure to communicate the love of God, and the message of hope many women in tough situations need to hear.

Much like being outside an abortion clinic, it is important while answering questions online to communicate a message of love and hope in a short amount of time without a hint of condemnation. Don't write an essay in response to any question. Simply let the woman know that she does not have to go through with the abortion. Let her know that you can help find places near her that will assist her if needed. If you know how far along she is, you can share some information about her baby's development, but as with sidewalk counseling, use discretion with what you write. Make it short and sweet, and make sure you offer to help her through her situation. Make sure she can contact you, and do everything you can to help her and her baby. It's as easy as a google search to find pregnancy centers near her!

I can't say that I've saved hundreds of babies by reaching out to women online, but I have seen a profound appreciation for spreading the message of love and hope. These mothers need just that. They need you to be there for them before they get to the clinic.

The other day someone responded to me saying "I wish there were more people like you." These women, and everyone affected by abortion, just need a hand to reach out to them and tell them they can get through this. They need a few kind words, and lots of encouragement. All it takes is one minute answering a question to save a life. Are you ready to join me and spread hope and love across the breadth of cyberspace?

Laura is a 17 year old senior in high school. She is Catholic, home schools, and is an advocate for life. She has recently started her own blog My Drop in the Ocean.

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Gianna Jessen
Gianna wasn't supposed to be here. Her frightened, 17-year-old mother went to an abortion clinic to end her baby's life.
But, miraculously, the procedure failed and sent Gianna's mother into labor; a few minutes later, a fragile baby girl made her way into the world. The remarkable story of Gianna's survival is both inspirational and unforgettable. Pro-Life Headlines

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